Where does all of this negativity come from? I feel so physically drained and worn out and I can’t decide which came first, the negative self-talk or the exhaustion. They seem to be interchangeable and no matter what I pursue to correct, I am still defeated by the end of the day. Where does all of this come from? What’s a practical application?

Do you believe you can change some of these thoughts and exhaustion in the kitchen? You really are exactly what you eat. Trash in, trash out. Optimal in, optimal out. So, what does your kitchen workout look like? It really is a practice, just like working out, just like identifying your negative self-talk and rewriting the tapes. Cooking REAL food takes practice, confidence, and courage. It’s time to take chances… you’re worth it.

So, let’s get to the ROOT of the problem. There are many reasons people don’t eat well. Convenience. Finances. Time. Courage. Knowledge. Intimidation. Where do you start? What are those ingredients? How do I prepare that?

Well, let’s start by talking ROOTs. It seems fitting.

There are lots of different roots out there… turnip roots, rutabagas, parsnips, carrots, jicama, yam, sweet potato, yucca, etc. etc. etc. Yeah, they sound intimidating. And yeah, they’re intimidating to cut up. The easiest and best way to get roots into your diet is to just roast them and enjoy them as a side dish.

To prepare roots, use a vegetable peeler to remove the “skin”. (Although, you don’t HAVE to peel ‘em. You could just give them a quick rinse.) Then cut these veggies into similar size pieces. Put a mix of the roots of your choice into a large mixing bowl and toss with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and whatever spices you want… I rather enjoy just S+P and garlic powder or onion powder. Toss them around in the oil and spices. Spread them out over a parchment lined baking pan and roast in the oven at 425 degrees for about 30-40 minutes… this will vary depending on what size you cut your veggies. I tend to like mine pretty crispy. I LOVE TEXTURE. But remember… roots are high carb. This would be a great replacement for French fries with homemade burgers. More is not necessarily better. ALWAYS exercise moderation in ALL AREAS of life.