What is it that scares the wits out of you? Is it a bug? A slithering creepy crawly? Loud noises? Heights? Falling? Pain? Death? Suffering? Illness? When you experience fear, what is your initial response? Is it a scream or are you so scared you are robbed of the very breath of life to squeak past your vocal cords? Do you run or are you paralyzed?

Let’s shift gears ever so slightly to those things we fear that don’t create an immediate physiological response, but a slow, tantalizing one that distracts us from really living life well. People pleasing. Success. Money. Happy children. Obedient children. Swim suit season. These are the things that create in some of us anxiety that could elicit the aforementioned symptoms plus stomach ulcers, headaches, joint pain, inflammation, hormone changes, weight gain, and on and on.

These anxious toils wrap their scathing little nooses around our necks and our hearts. They strive to bind us and root us into the soil of the world. Ladies, we MUST. BREAK. FREE. These fears and anxieties have already been defeated by our maker and creator. THE ONE who formed our very frame. THE ONE who knows us more intimately than we could possibly know ourselves. THE ONE who defeated the father of anxiety and has broken the grip of the noose.

Rest, sister. Give up the ghost of anxiety. He has been defeated by the lover of your soul. Rest and live well.


And just in case you needed to lighten up…