Oh my gosh… I’m so not ready for the holidays! By ready for the holidays, I mean mentally and emotionally prepared for the internal battles that will ensue when I am invited here and there to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas around table after table of grub. And you know it’s probably going to be all the good stuff, too. Homemade pies, birds stuffed with more birds stuffed with stuffing, every kind of vegetable smothered in some sort of creamy, cheesy something something. Ladies, let me just say, the struggle IS REAL.

I’m going to go ahead and air some dirty laundry. I’m a binge eater. There, I’ve said it. When I’m on a binge in full swing, if there’s food before me, it will be consumed. No food is safe. I’m an equal opportunity eater. Although, I prefer the baked sweet stuff.

In addition to binge eating, I have the privilege of battling body dysmorphia. Oh yeah, and I have Lupus that I TRY to control via diet…rrrriiiiiggghhttt. (I can almost hear my Rheumatologist rolling her eyes.)

So, I have a lot of mental prep work to do to gear up for this holiday season. So, here’s my plan…

  1. Cast my burden on to Jesus. After all, he created me and understands all of these diseases far better than I.
  2. Make one decision at a time. I can only deal with the here and now. Therefore, I will not worry about tomorrow.
  3. Meal prep. Setting myself up for success in #2… meal prepping makes a good food choice SSSOOOO much easier.
  4. Usher self-forgiveness when I make a less than stellar decision.
  5. Stay OFF of the scale. I mean, it’s deceiving. Besides, I’m more than a number.
  6. Be consistent in the gym. I mean, it’s hard to make really poor food choices when you’ve worked out REALLY hard for the last three days…
  7. Express gratitude daily.