Oh the long forgotten gourd… A long-stay, nutritious carb which is not on our hotlist of go-to grub. I want to issue a weekend challenge to grab a gourd and make something delicious.

Butternut squash is one of my favorite gourds. There are so many recipes out there these days, you should not be lacking for any kind of direction. The first major decision to make is sweet or savory? If you’re trying to steer clear of sugar, Diane Sanfilippo has an amazing Butternut Squash Soup recipe on her blog at Balancedbites.com.

You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make a sweet treat from this surprisingly scrumptious squash. One of my favorite go-to desserts is to toss cubed butternut squash in melted coconut oil, pumpkin pie spice, and coconut sugar and roast it in the oven until it’s developed a roasted char. Game changer! There are so many recipes out there on the Google, feel free to conduct a recipe hunt of your own. Here are a few more recipe options.

So, finding a butternut squash is not hard. You could head out to your local farmer’s market, or local grocery store. I have found pre-cut butternut squash at Costco and Publix. Let me tell you, that was a game- changer for me. But, if you should choose the full experience of preparing your gourd, by all means! Danielle Walker has a great how-to article here.

Anyway, I’m super interested in what you decided to try!! Leave a comment and/or a pic! If you follow Salt and Clay on Facebook and Instagram, take a pic of your endeavors and use #gourdeous. Happy Friday, y’all!