Don’t surrender to yet another Manic Monday!! Having an awesome day is a choice whether it’s Monday or Friday.

So how do you handle your Mondays?

For me, I start the week with another new diet to try, back to work, back to the gym, commitment to cook dinner every night, re-commitment to quiet time… run over here, run over there… so, how do we cope? One choice at a time.

My heart will rejoice when the alarm sings my favorite worship song at 4:30am and I will get out of bed and shuffle myself to the kitchen where I will make my coffee and snuggle up in my favorite chair to have some quiet time. I will enjoy my new balanced breakfast of Brussel’s sprouts and chicken breast. Then I will inevitably lose track of time and scramble to the shower at 5:40 and be out the door to work by 6:10.

I will pull into my workplace, get to the locker room where I will change clothes and encourage Monday morning motivation to my colleagues, and we’re off to our 8 hour race to provide the best nursing care to some of the best patients working with the best surgeons. 3:00 hits and it’s off to the gym. 4:30 and I run to get the kiddos. 6:00 and we’re finally home where I will get dinner ready. 8:00 kiddo baths, story time, and bed.

So, how do we repent from the dreaded Manic Monday? My magic bullet is an Epsom salt bath with either a good book or Pandora. After physically relaxing, it’s very helpful to relax the mind by journaling—journaling allows your mind to let go of the stressful experiences and you inevitably learn new coping mechanisms for the stressful encounters you had.

Journaling can be anything you want it to be. Just grab a pen and some paper and go. It can be senseless ramblings, art, or poetry. Some people save their journals for ever and ever, others shred or burn them (apparently that’s part of the therapy as well, depending on what you journal about). I enjoy journaling about things I am thankful for or prayers that have been answered.

So, not to add some other to-do to your Monday, but I strongly encourage you to try journaling daily. Are you up for the challenge? I would love to hear about your experiences with journaling and how you de-manic your Monday. Share here or with Salt and Clay Wellness on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Monday!