I just love the holidays! People seem to be in an overall happier disposition, the weather cools off, lots of treats show up in the workplace… on and on and on. On the flip side, there are also a lot of people who dread this time of year because they’re forcing a celebration of gratitude when they’re hearts have been broken or the love of their life has been taken away. My granddad who was the other pea in my pod passed away around Thanksgiving. And it just so happened my youngest son was born the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This time of year really conducts a mixed bag of emotions that ultimately result in a heart of joy and a state of worship for all of the blessings generously poured out.

Life, much like the tide, ebbs and flows, but the one constant is God’s love. This season I am so thankful for my Granddad who constantly shared the gospel with me and literally begged God for my salvation as well as salvation for all the other members of my family. I specifically remember him begging for mercy on souls. With the burden of begging for salvation on lost souls, Grandpa didn’t have much tolerance for “foolishness”. Therefore, traditions around our homestead were treasured as they were purposeful and intentional. My grandparents never put up a tree, didn’t make a big deal about gifts, but they did spend time around the kitchen table visiting, laughing, praying, and wrapping the day up with a good nap.

Now that I have a family of my own, I’m trying to be mindful of the traditions I would like to instill in my kiddos… we don’t have any set traditions yet; except that we will be surrounded by family and we will end our day talking about the things we a most grateful for.

What are some of the traditions you partake in and why? What makes them meaningful for you? Post a few of the things you are most grateful for this holiday season.