The busyness of this time of year is when I really have to do a thorough heart examination to determine my motives for all of the goings on. Kids’ school parties, church events, tree lightnings, caroling, and all the other festivities are happening. Which do I attend? The gift list is getting long. At what point am I being a good steward of my money and resources? I look around and see some needs but I’m in a terrible hurry to do the things I want to do.

What is guiding my decision making? Am I making decisions based on selfish ambitions or vein conceits, or am I trying to love the lord and my neighbor the best way I know how? How do I determine which way to navigate? What If I am doing something for my own benefit? Who or what am I really trying to worship? How do I know if I’m truly walking out my salvation with fear and trembling?

This is a great time to remember to look to the cross as our compass. No, I’m not necessarily whipping out the whole old school W.W.J.D. But what I am doing is searching out the motives of my heart, spending time in the word, and seeking to walk in obedience to my Lord’s will.

Christmas lights are a big reminder that Christ came as a light into the darkness of this world; thus, he will be the illumination we need to navigate through not only this season, but all of life’s journeys.

This week, I challenge you to be mindful in how you spend your time, how you relate to others, words you say, and even the gifts you buy. What’s your motivation? What’s your next step and why? Who’s glory are you seeking?